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A mother and daughter are decorating an apartment; image used for HSBC Malaysia Mortages


HSBC Ideal Home Mortgage

  • No monthly fee and set-up cost

  • Interest is calculated monthly

  • Regular, systematic repayments throughout loan tenure

Especially suited to first time home buyers.

HSBC HomeSmart Mortgage

  • Transactional flexibility of a Current Account

  • Deposit excess funds to save interest and shorten your loan tenure

  • Withdraw excess funds anytime without charges

Offers the flexibility to prioritise what is most important to you.

HSBC HomeSmart-i Mortgage

  • Freedom to make prepayments and withdrawals on excess payments anytime without notice or charges

  • Banking convenience via ATM, cheque book and online banking

  • Save on profit paid and shorten your financing tenure by consolidating your deposits, including salary and savings into your HomeSmart-i account

Based on the principle of Diminishing Musharakah, HomeSmart-i gives you more control in your life and the flexibility to adapt to different priorities that may arise in the future.

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